A quarter of the remaining top 30 are on the verge of implementing FLIP® (functional lumen imaging probe) technology.

The continued acceptance of EndoFLIP® as an additional imaging tool for endoscopists and gastroenterologists when diagnosing motility disorders in their patients has been confirmed by the latest US News and World Report Hospital Rankings of ‘Best Hospitals for Gastroenterology and GI Surgery’.

The gradings, published in August this year, list the ‘Top 30’ hospital and medical centers across the US. Crospon is delighted to see its technology benefiting patients in 15 with another eight about to install or in discussions to employ FLIP® technology when examining symptoms for achalasia, dysphagia and GERD.

John O’Dea, CEO and Chairman of Crospon, acknowledges the geographical uptake of the technology across the country.

“The EndoFLIP® Imaging System has now been the subject of over 70 patient studies which clearly highlight the benefits of FLIP® to both the clinician and patient when assessing for a range of GI disorders. The system is currently installed in some of the leading medical centers across the US and we hope that the gastroenterology community continues to embrace this addition to their diagnostic tool kit.”

To read more about EndoFLIP® patient studies please click here.

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