The latest addition to the EsoFLIP® Smart Dilation® balloon catheter family of products is the ES-310 which dilates to a maximum of 10mm and is ideally suited to dilate strictures in pediatric patients as well as assist in surgeries for esophageal atresia.

Launched at the NASPGHAN World Congress in Montreal during October and targeted for FDA clearance in Q1 2017, the ES-310 Smart Dilator™ offers the same benefits to pediatric gastroenterologists and GI surgeons as the other EsoFLIP® balloon catheters.

The measurement nodes, unique to all Crospon balloon catheters, enable clinicians to have a comprehensive image in real time, onscreen, displaying stricture size before, during, and after balloon dilation. This hands-free dilation approach results in better control for the clinician.

Because of its unique technology, it is possible to inflate the EsoFLIP® balloon catheter to intermediate levels, stop and evaluate the luminal opening at each step. Unlike other dilation balloons and syringe systems where clinicians rely on a formulaic or guessed diameters and must work ‘blind’, the EndoFLIP® Imaging System allows clinicians to dynamically assess their interventions within the esophagus and GEJ.

The added benefit of the EndoFLIP® Imaging System which complements the EsoFLIP® Smart Dilator™ is that it eliminates the need for traditional fluoroscopy to correctly locate the balloon catheter within the esophagus, removing the exposure risk for both patient and clinician to radiation during dilation.

For more information about the EsoFLIP® 310, the EndoFLIP® Imaging System and other balloon catheter products please email

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