We are excited to share with you that Medtronic has acquired Crospon, an innovative endoscopic diagnostics company. 

Crospon offers simple tools to more effectively diagnose, measure — and in some cases treat — gastroesophageal motility disorders. Crospon, which is headquartered in Galway, Ireland, will join the Respiratory, Gastrointestinal & Informatics (RGI) business.

Crospon solidly complements Medtronic’s existing GI portfolio that includes technologies enabling the early detection and treatment of esophageal disease. Crospon’s technology offers Medtronic the opportunity to improve the quality of life for a sizeable patient population suffering from unresolved esophageal symptoms.  Crospon’s advanced imaging technology — the Endoflip™ impedance planimetry system — may increase diagnostic accuracy with a simple test that provides real-time results at the initial point of diagnosis. The Endoflip™ impedance planimetry system, paired with the Esoflip™ balloon catheter, may relieve symptoms.

This acquisition enhances Medtronic’s esophageal disease portfolio and strengthens their position as an end-to-end leader in the esophageal disease space with innovative solutions from diagnosis to therapy.

Please be assured that both companies will implement an effective and seamless transition while delivering the same level of excellent quality products and services you have come to expect from Medtronic and Crospon.

Best regards

John O’Dea

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