You can use this guide to help you identify and resolve basic errors you may be experiencing with Crospon’s diagnostic and therapeutic technologies – the Endoflip® Imaging System and Esoflip® balloon catheters. If your issue is more detailed and has not been covered here, please contact by email or 1-855-CROSPON (US) or +353-91-519880 (ROW) for further help.

 Trouble Shooting Guide

Plunger does not align correctly

Make sure the green dot on the grey catheter connector body is pointing upwards when inserted. There is a matching green dot on the Endoflip® unit. Once you plug in the grey catheter connector with the green dot showing on the top, the machine will automatically move the plunger to the correct position after you press the Continue button

Loud crunching noise from the system

Press the Stop button immediately and deflate to 0ml. Remove the red cap from the syringe and connect the catheter fill tube to the syringe. Remove the syringe and catheter connector from the unit and restart the unit. Re-connect the catheter and syringe as normal.

Dilator Protocols

Top Tips – Endoflip™

Whereas most users deploy the Endoflip™ catheter by advancing it alongside the endoscope, there are two models of endoscope with sufficiently large channels to allow introduction of the catheters through the scope: the Olympus GIF-XT-30 and GIF-XTQ160. These endoscopes are particularly useful when performing measurements of the pylorus.

Typical Values commonly seen with 30ml in the Endoflip EF-325N balloon at the GEJ*.
Distensibility (mm2/mmHg)
1 Achalasia1,2,3
2 Tight/GEJ outflow obstruction. Clinical evidence suggests that many Nissen fundoplications are at this
level immediately post-op, but relax over the ensuing 6 months
3-5 Normal
5-8 Loose4 – this is the target range in POEM. We would suggest 40ml in the balloon for this particular measurement
Diameter (mm)
4-51,2,3 Achalasia
7 Normal
10+4,5 Loose
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* EndoFLIP™ measurements should be used in conjunction with other diagnostic methods as part of a comprehensive evaluation of patients with symptoms consistent with gastrointestinal motility disorders.