Crospon is an endoscopic diagnostics company that is changing the face of esophageal function testing with its Endoflip® technology.

These minimally invasive medical devices transform the patient experience when it comes to swallow testing and deliver a whole new diagnostic tool set into the hands of gastroenterology professionals.

Advanced imaging system
for assessment of major
motility disorders

Endoflip® is an advanced imaging system and
patented technology that provides an internal view
of the gastroesophageal (GE) junction during
endoscopic and surgical procedures.

Therapeutic esophageal intervention
with controlled dilation
for strictures

Esoflip® is an advanced balloon dilation technology,
used during endoscopy, that will transform patient
treatment of esophageal strictures without the
need for fluoroscopy.

Flip® Technology

Flip®, or functional luminal imaging probe technology, is at the core of the Endoflip® imaging system developed by medical device company Crospon, headquartered in Galway, Ireland. Flip® uses high resolution impedance planimetry during volume-controlled distention to measure luminal geometry and pressure and to assess the mechanical properties of the esophageal wall and opening dynamics of the gastroesophageal junction in various esophageal diseases.

Dysphagia Assessment

  Made Easy

Flip® Topography

  • Ability to assess patient motility disorders during endoscopy
  • Complementary method to HRM
  • Minimizes patient discomfort
  • Real-time measurement data
  • Reduced time to treatment
  • Easy to use