Imaging and Smart Dilation™

Solutions for the alimentary canal

Functional Lumen Imaging Probe

Esophageal Smart Dilation™  Catheter 




EndoFlip® System EF-100
EndoFlip® 2.0 System EF-200
EndoFlip® Cart DD-360
EndoFlip® 8 cm catheter with pressure EF-325N
EndoFlip® 16 cm catheter with pressure EF-322N
EndoFlip® 20mm esophageal Smart Dilation™ catheter ES-320
EndoFlip® 30mm esophageal Smart Dilation™ catheter ES-330

 Patient with dysphagia / food impaction

  • Smart Dilator – measurement nodes display stricture size before and after balloon dilation
  • Better control – hands-free dilation with the endoflip® system
  • No fluroscopy required – removing exposure of patient and staff to radiation during dilation
  • Precision – only one balloon required to read esophageal dilameter directly from the endoflip® screen